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Rolling Along in

the Time of Corona

The global spread of COVID-19 has changed the way we spend our days. Self-isolation, social distancing, frequent sanitizing and wearing protective masks have limited people’s ability to continue their normal daily routines.

This creates special challenges for those with mobility issues -- especially for at-risk seniors and those with pre-existing medical conditions.


Simple activities like running errands or just enjoying a breath of fresh air seem much riskier than they once did. As a result, many mobility-challenged individuals are opting to remain in their homes. Both physically and emotionally, this is not a good situation.


However, the fact of the matter is that mobility aids like the Afiscooter can actually augment their users’ interaction with the outside world while providing an additional degree of protection.


Beyond the obvious advantages of reliable, on-demand personalized transportation across a wide variety of terrains, these scooters provide some important benefits.


For example, the fear of contagion from potential disease carriers has made public transportation a non-option for numerous people. In many places around the globe buses, trams and metros are either running on severely restricted schedules, with limited numbers of passengers, or have ceased to operate entirely.


Even where public transportation continues to operate normally, many people are wary of using it.


In this regard, the Afiscooter provides users with a unique plus: instead of sharing their space with countless others, they ride alone, or alongside another family member or friend of their choosing -- in control of their own environment and traveling companions. This is especially important for those considered to be most at-risk from COVID-19.


No one knows how long we’re going to have to continue living with COVID-19, when – or if – things will “return to normal”. At times like this it’s essential to do whatever we can to maintain our quality of life.


Clearly, nothing can take the place of proper behavior – social distancing, wearing masks and emphasizing personal hygiene. But, in addition to stability, safety and convenience, vehicles like Afiscooter also give people the freedom to keep rolling along, even in the time of corona.


Afikim Electric Vehicles is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing Mobility Scooters.


The company is fully owned by KIBBUTZ AFIKIM, one of the largest kibbutzim in Israel and is located in the Jordan Valley in the north of the country.


Originally, you could only buy mobility scooters of the 3-wheel variety. While they were mostly compact, light and manoeuvrable in tight spaces, their flaw was they were dangerously unstable, putting users at risk of and often inflicting serious injury due to tipping as soon as they were used on un even surfaces.

The solution was of course to build scooters with 4 wheels and, while this addressed the stability issues experienced with 3 wheeled scooters, it created a new set of problems. By adding the extra wheel, the leg space available was severely restricted leading to poor posture and therefore discomfort on even relatively short journeys.


Scooters became larger and more cumbersome. Turning circles expanded and poor weight distribution resulted in restricted manoeuvrability and a new source of instability. Engineers and manufactures simply accepted these problems and you, the users would have to choose what was more important, agility or stability and safety.


However, the manufactures of Quingo; Advanced Vehicle Concepts (AVC) came up with an innovative solution in the world’s first true 5-wheel scooters featuring Quintell™ technologies.

The 5 wheel concept brings genuine stability and safety benefits with Quingo scooters being able to mount kerbs at anything up to a 45° angle, something other scooters just cannot do. 


All this while maintaining agility that is comparable to many three wheel scooters, with a turning circle of as little as just 107cm. With the addition of Quintell™ Kerbmaster Powered Anti-Grounding and Anti-Tipping we believe we offer a range of the very safest scooters on the market today.


Thanks to their 5-wheel design all Quingo’s benefit from a staggering 80% more foot area than a comparable length four wheel vehicle and ergonomic posture control and Quintell™ adaptive footplates this combines to bring greater comfort, even on longer outings.


The Quingo Flyte: the NEXT! next generation of mobility scooter

The Quingo Flyte really is quite unlike other mobility scooters. This compact, state-of-the-art scooter gives users unrivalled portability and is compatible with a huge array of cars, making it an incredibly versatile mobility solution. Here we explore why the Quingo Flyte really is at the forefront of the next generation of mobility scooters.

Quingo Quality You’ve Come to Expect


Quingo are the only scooter range to provide customers with the benefit of the 5-wheel difference. Unlike traditional 4-wheel scooters, all Quingo products offer enhanced stability, unequalled agility, better comfort, safer kerb handling and superior adaptability and the Quingo Flyte is no exception. backed up by a 3-year warranty and a network of trained Quingo specialists Australia wide, Quingo scooters will get you where you’re going.

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Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 4.49.36 pm.png

Effortless Car Docking and Portability


Traditional 4-wheel scooters are often cumbersome, making them difficult to transport. With the Quingo Flyte however, car docking could not be easier. Every Quingo Flyte comes with an accompanying docking station ramp and remote control which allows you to effortlessly load your scooter into your car boot in less than 60 seconds. Put simply, the Quingo Flyte’s docking station does all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

No Dismantling Required


The Quingo Flyte’s unique design enables you to transform yourscooter into an incredibly compact shape which will fit inside most smallhatchbacks and estates without issue.Unlike other portable scooters, the Flyte does not need to be dismantledbefore transportation. Thanks to its simple, elegant design, the Quingo Flyte’s seat and tiller fold down easily, creating a sleek and compact version of the Flyte which can be docked with minimal effort.

A Compact Scooter, Big on Performance


Given the Quingo Flyte’s highly portable nature, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it might pack less punch when it comes to performance. In fact, the Quingo Flyte’s superior design specification means that it comes with a highly powerful motor capable of easily carrying weights of up to 25 stone. Not only is the Flyte’s motor very impressive, but the scooter is also capable of travelling up to an incredible 37km on its 400 Watt engine.

Visit or Phone 1800 QUINGO (784 646) to find out more.

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